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Flat Roofing

What is GRP roofing? and how does it work?
A Glass Reinforced Plastic Laminate consisting of roofing resin and chopped strand mat reinforcement applied in situ over a good quality OSB3 deck. The roof is finished with pre-formed GRP edge trims and a coat of pre-pigmented topcoat.

Standard colours are
Slate Grey, Pine Green, and Leather.

Features and Benefits

    1. 20 year guarantee from manufacturer
    2. 20 year guarantee on workmanship from the installer
    3. Fire tests indicative of BS476 EXT.FAA
    4. Superb appearance-available in a choice of three standard colours
    5. Two non slip options
    6. Can be used for any application regardless of size or complexity
    7. Easy and quick to install
    8. Good environmental
    9. High security cannot be cut with a knife
    10. Cold applied free of risks associated with hot works
    11. Maintenance free
    12. Fully bonded without seams, joints and welds
    13. Easy to repair in the unlikely event of damage
    14. proven pedigree as a waterproof material
    15. Solar reflective
    16. Roofs can be used as balconies, roof gardens, terraces
    17. Will with stand foot traffic as standard
    18. Can be installed to withstand heavy frequent foot traffic
    19. Made from specially formulated roofing resins
    20. Designed for roofing applications
Updated: 02-06-2018